Not every Nando’s UK restaurant is halal

An ad claiming this was for its Singapore restaurants.

The police won’t always be dispatched if you dial 55 during a 999 call

If you can’t speak during a 999 call, dialling 55 can alert the operator that you need help, but it won’t guarantee that the police will come.

Pension strikes in France have been widely reported in the UK

It’s not the case that the British media is ignoring the story.

This quote about selling NHS assets does not appear in the leaked UK-US trade documents

A quote about the US having a “right to withdraw all trade, aid and communication” in negotiations about the NHS does not appear in a leaked government document.

Fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet spreads after the London Bridge attack

A fake tweet falsely claims Jeremy Corbyn said the London Bridge attacker was “murdered by British Police”.

The BBC did not “donate” money to the Conservative party

Appearance fees from the BBC appear in some Conservative politicians declarations, as they do for MPs from other parties. These are not donations.

Councils aren’t using pre-filled postal ballots to suppress the youth vote

Councils say postal ballots are prefilled to prevent people from entering the wrong date.

It is not Labour policy to scrap the single occupant council tax discount

This seems to come from a report that made recommendations to Labour about council tax, but is not party policy.

This supposed Dominic Raab tweet seems to be an old fake

There is no evidence he ever tweeted it and it was widely reported as a fake over a year ago.

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