This is not an official Extinction Rebellion sticker

23 January 2020
What was claimed

A sticker by Extinction Rebellion says driving a car makes you a Nazi.

Our verdict

This is not an official Extinction Rebellion sticker.

An image of what claims to be an Extinction Rebellion sticker that says driving a car makes you a Nazi has been shared over one thousand times on Facebook

However, the sticker is not from Extinction Rebellion but appears to originate from a campaign copying its typeface and presentation. Similar fake posters were also reported in Brighton this month. 

Images of this sticker and others have been posted on social media by Hundred-Handers, a group which has been accused in the past of posting white supremacist stickers around the UK. They posted images of the ‘driving a car’ stickers on their Telegram and Twitter channels and have posts on both instructing followers how to make materials like the sticker in the viral post. 

Other stickers posted on social media by the group which include the Extinction Rebellion logo feature slogans like “third world over breeding destroys the planet” and “house the world destroy the environment”.

Extinction Rebellion UK is aware of the campaign and has said: “We condemn these posters absolutely. They were made without the knowledge or support of local or national XR groups and are in direct violation of our principles”.

The group also confirmed to fact checking website Snopes that the sticker “is not an official Extinction Rebellion sticker”. It has also for spotted stickers to be reported and removed.

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