The NHS isn’t asking for payment for Covid-19 vaccination passes

22 June 2021

Scam emails purporting to be from the NHS are being sent out, asking for payment in return for a ‘Coronavirus Digital Passport’ to prove that someone has been vaccinated for Covid-19. 

These emails are not from the NHS, and you do not have to pay any money for an NHS Covid Pass. Several police forces have warned that this is a scam.

The emails, which carry the NHS logo, say that the recipient can apply for a Coronavirus Digital Passport, which “will allow you to travel safely and freely around the world without having to self-isolate”, by clicking a button that says ‘Get Digital Passport’. 

This button then takes the user to a fake NHS website, which asks for payment details.

This is a scam. You will not be asked to pay to prove your vaccination status by the NHS. 

An NHS Covid Pass to demonstrate Covid-19 vaccination status does exist, which can be used when travelling abroad to some countries or attending trials of some large events in England. 

This pass is available to anyone aged 16 or over who has had both doses of an approved vaccine in England, and is free. The pass can be accessed through the NHS app (which is separate from the NHS Covid-19 App) or NHS website, or can be requested as a letter.

Despite the claim in the scam email that a digital passport means you will not have to self-isolate when travelling, the government website says that it is likely that, in addition to having an NHS Covid Pass, you may still have to take Covid-19 tests or isolate on arrival.

Anyone who receives a suspicious email can report it by forwarding the email to More information on reporting suspicious texts or emails can be found here.

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