Police have not said a West Midlands teen was "murdered" with a Covid-19 vaccine

8 November 2021
What was claimed

West Midlands Police agree that 17-year-old Adam Ali was “murdered” with a Covid-19 vaccine.

Our verdict

This is false. Adam Ali was not vaccinated before he died and police are not treating his death as a criminal matter.

A widely-viewed video posted on Facebook claims police have agreed that a 17-year-old was murdered with a Covid-19 vaccine. 

The video shows a group of protestors outside West Midlands Police HQ in Birmingham. One speaker says a police sergeant “agreed” with a series of statements after protestors reported that Adam Ali, a Solihull pupil who died in September, was “murdered for the vaccine”. 


The claims about Adam Ali and the police are both untrue.

Adam Ali was not vaccinated

Soon after reports of Adam’s death were published, claims appeared that his death was caused by a Covid-19 vaccine. 

However, the Birmingham and Solihull vaccination program at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust later confirmed Adam had not received one.

The trust told Full Fact there were no further updates to this statement. 

No criminal investigation into Adam Ali’s death

We can’t be certain what exactly was said between police and protestors—and it’s not entirely clear from the video what the police sergeant is supposed to have agreed with. But in any event, West Midlands Police has told us it is not investigating Adam’s death as a criminal matter. 

A spokesman said: “There was a protest at Lloyd House on 2 October involving around 150 people. It's understood the protest was connected to the death of a 17-year-old schoolboy in Solihull on 20 September. His death is unexplained but has not been deemed a criminal matter.

"We understand the protest and claims made by the group have caused considerable upset for the boy's family."

Covid-19 vaccines have been assessed for safety

All of the Covid-19 vaccines used in the UK are authorised for use by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, which has stated the trials for the vaccines proceeded “without compromising any of the usual, high standards of scientific rigour”.

It added: “In accordance with the usual requirements to support an authorisation of a new vaccine, tens of thousands of subjects have been included in trials and all are subject to very close safety follow-up over several months.”

We’ve written about these trials and their results previously.

This article is part of our work fact checking potentially false pictures, videos and stories on Facebook. You can read more about this—and find out how to report Facebook content—here. For the purposes of that scheme, we’ve rated this claim as false because Adam Ali wasn’t vaccinated and his death is not being treated as a criminal matter.

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