Half of these images of injured police officers are not from recent Black Lives Matter protests

10 June 2020
What was claimed

These images are all from Black Lives Matter protests in London last weekend.

Our verdict

This is not true. Three of the images are from last weekend’s protests, the others are from protests in the UK dating back to 2016.

A collection of photos showing injured police officers has been shared across social media. It has been suggested that the images come from last weekend’s Black Lives Matter protests in the UK. 

However, half of the six pictures shown in the composite weren’t taken at those protests. The image of a police medic with a cut under his eye was taken at a protest in support of Tommy Robinson in London on 9 June 2018. The image of a police officer with blood on her cheek was taken at a protest in London on 9 April 2016 against David Cameron. 

The image of a police officer sat on the ground was taken at a far-right protest in Liverpool on 27 February 2016. You can see the officer from another angle here

The other three images were from the Black Lives Matter protests in London on 7 June. The picture of the officer with the head injury was taken at the protest and can be seen later in photographs here and here

The other two images are of the same officer. One shows the officer lying on the ground, and the other of her being dragged from the road. These were taken after a widely reported incident where a mounted police officer fell from her horse. The Metropolitan Police has said it will be investigating the circumstances.

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