This is not an image of a naked child “escaping” from Buckingham Palace

3 September 2020
What was claimed

This image shows a naked child trying to “escape” Buckingham Palace.

Our verdict

This is not true. It is an image from a viral hoax created to promote a TV drama.

An image that appears in multiple Facebook posts is claimed to show a naked boy escaping from Buckingham Palace.  The text on the image says "I suppose this photo of a naked boy escaping Buckingham Palace is just more conspiracy theory?"

The image itself is a screenshot from a video that has been circulating since 2019, which claims the footage is evidence that the world is "controlled by paedophiles".

This is incorrect.

The image comes from a viral hoax circulated to promote an E! fictional TV series “The Royals.” The video was staged with an adult man and is not a real event involving any children.

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