British artists are due to perform at King Charles’s coronation concert

26 April 2023
What was claimed

No English artists have agreed to perform at King Charles III’s coronation concert.

Our verdict

This is not true. The concert’s lineup so far does include multiple artists from England, and a singer from Wales.

A Facebook video falsely claims that there won’t be any English artists performing at King Charles III’s coronation concert.

The video, which has over 202,000 views, claims that “no English singer accepted his [King Charles’s] calls” to perform and “no one wants to be an entertainer at his party”. It continues to say that this amounts to being “dismissed by the entire British music scene”. 

However, it is not true that there will be no English or British acts performing. 

The lineup includes Take That (with three of its original members), Freya Ridings and Alexis Ffrench, all of whom are English, as well as the Welsh singer Sir Bryn Terfel. Further acts are still due to be announced by the BBC.

The concert, which takes place at Windsor Castle on 7 May, is also hosted by English actor Hugh Bonneville.

It has been reported that some British artists have declined the invitation to perform, including Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Elton John, Robbie Williams and Adele. But it is not correct to state that no English or British musicians will perform.

International artists due to perform include Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, Andrea Bocelli and Bette Midler. 

The video also claims that King Charles has “been forced to spend millions” on entertainers. It has been reported that performers will have their expenses covered but it is not known if the acts will receive an appearance fee on top of this. 

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