There is no D-notice blocking reporting on Yellow Vest protests

27 June 2019
What was claimed

A D-notice is currently blocking the UK media from reporting on Yellow Vest protests in France.

Our verdict

There is no D-notice for the protests. D-notices (also known as DSMA-notices) are non-mandatory advice and guidance for the media regarding reporting on defence and security information. They do not cover specific incidents.

Several people have recently claimed on social media that there is a legal ban on British media reporting on the Yellow Vest protests in France.

This is incorrect. The bans, known as DMSA-notices, or D-notices, are not issued for individual events and have no legal authority.

DMSA-notices are non-mandatory advice and guidance for the media regarding reporting on defence and security information. They are issued by the Defence and Security Media Association (DMSA) committee, which works with the Ministry of Defence. DSMA says that the publication of anything included in their notices could be damaging to national intelligence or security

Currently, the DSMA has five standing notices which cover reporting of: 

  1. The UK’s military plans, current operations and capabilities.
  2. The UK’s nuclear and non-nuclear security weapons systems and equipment.
  3. Classified information about units and agencies engaged in security, intelligence and counter-terrorism. 
  4. The location of certain Ministry of Defence sites, nuclear weapons, security agencies, crises headquarters and sites that are part of the critical national infrastructure. 
  5. Sensitive information about personnel with security, intelligence or counter-terrorist duties.

The committee states in its FAQs that it does not issue DSMA-notices for particular incidents, so it’s incorrect to say that there has been a notice specifically issued about the Yellow Vest protests.  

As DSMA-notices are not legally binding, the social media posts are incorrect in describing them as “legal gagging order[s].”

Furthermore, when the claim started circulating earlier this year, the BBC tweeted that they were not being prevented from reporting on the Yellow Vest protests, linking to their coverage.

It has also been claimed that the Irish media has been subjected to media blackouts around the Yellow Vests due to a DSMA-notice. But the DSMA notice system is for the UK, not  Ireland, so this is incorrect.

This article is part of our work fact checking potentially false pictures, videos and stories on Facebook. You can read more about this—and find out how to report Facebook content—here. For the purposes of that scheme, we’ve rated this claim as false as there is no specific DSMA-notice for the Yellow Vest protests and DSMA-notices are not legally binding.

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