An image of a rock shaped like an elephant has been digitally altered

30 June 2022
What was claimed

An image shows an elephant-shaped rock with a house on top of it.

Our verdict

The image is a digitally altered photo of a monastery in Meteora, Greece.

An image of a house on top of a rock shaped like an elephant has been shared on Facebook.

A caption alongside the image says: “Amazing!! The Elephant Rock with a House!”

The image is actually a digitally altered version of an image of a cliffside monastery in Greece.

Various images of the real location are available online, several of which are similar to the digitally altered image.

Meteora—a UNESCO world heritage site—is a rock formation which is home to a number of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, including the Holy Trinity Monastery, which can be seen in the digitally altered photo.

Image courtesy of Nata Kay

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