Disney Christmas show accused of pushing ‘satanic agenda’

1 December 2022
What was claimed

A picture of a moment from a new Disney+ miniseries proves that Disney is pushing a satanic agenda

Our verdict

This picture is missing important context. The programme as a whole makes it clear that the moment is part of a joke.

A post on Facebook claims that a picture of a Disney+ programme reveals that the company “continues to push the Satanic agenda”. 

The picture, taken from a new miniseries released on Disney+ called The Santa Clauses, shows four rows of children, playing elves, holding cards which read: “We love you Satan”. 

A video clip of the moment has also been shared very widely on Twitter, alongside similar claims. 

What these clips do not show, however, is that far from being a sort of “subliminal” message, as some posts allude to, this is the first part of a joke

Immediately after the elves spell out “satan”, Tim Allen—who plays Santa Claus in the miniseries—prompts them to check their spelling. 

The elvesscream when they realise they’ve spelled the word Satan and then rearrange themselves so the message reads: “We love you Santa”. 

As other fact checkers have previously written, Disney is often the subject of online misinformation or conspiracy theories related to themes of child abuse and human trafficking

Image courtesy of Capricorn song

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