Ignore these pranks on Facebook saying lockdown will be lifted in the next few days

1 April 2020
What was claimed

Schools in the UK could reopen and the lockdown could be lifted in the next two days.

Our verdict

That’s incorrect.

We’ve seen a number of links circulating on Facebook, the headlines of which suggest that the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK “could end within 24 hours” and that “schools could be back open within 2 days”. Some of the links also suggest that pubs would reopen tomorrow, or that McDonald's restaurants would reopen tonight.

None of this is correct. Clicking these links takes you to a ‘prank generator’ website, where users can create links to apparently real stories which, when clicked on, are shown to be pranks.

The lockdown will apply to the UK until at least three weeks after 23 March, when the government has said it will review the rules. The lockdown could also last beyond that date

Pubs remain closed under the most recent guidelines and after closing all its UK restaurants on 23 March, McDonalds has not said it is reopening them.

Schools are mostly closed, although schools and all childcare providers have been asked to provide care for vulnerable children, and those whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response. This has been the case since Monday 23 March and is unlikely to end soon.

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