The Lord’s Prayer is not banned from Facebook

30 June 2020
What was claimed

Facebook has said sharing the Lord’s Prayer goes against their policies.

Our verdict

This is incorrect. The post is based on an unsourced article from 2016.

Multiple posts on Facebook have claimed that the company is banning people from posting the Lord’s Prayer on the social network as it goes against their policies.

This is not true. As the posts’ continued existence demonstrates, no one who posts the Lord’s Prayer is having that content taken down. Facebook told fact checking website Lead Stories that the prayer does not violate their policies. 

Nowhere in its community standards does Facebook mention taking down Christian, or religious content.

The claim may have stemmed from a 2016 article which claimed that all “Christian themed content” would be banned from the website. That article cites a Facebook representative called “Riker Jepson”, whose name only appears online in relation to articles making the same claim. Other similar claims, that Facebook is banning all religious content, have been circulating since at least 2014.

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