Cadbury World ‘promotion’ is fake

25 August 2021
What was claimed

People who share a Facebook post commenting “Love Cadbury” will receive a free chocolate hamper.

Our verdict

False. This post comes from a fake page, not from Cadbury itself.

A Facebook post claims to offer a chocolate hamper courtesy of Cadbury World to every user who reshares and comments on the post. At the time of writing there were 13,000 comments on the post.

This is a fake scam offer and the Facebook page is not an official Cadburys page. 

The post says in order to receive your hamper you must register your details on a website linked in the comments. This website makes no mention of Cadbury and claims to offer a movie subscription service and asks for an email address and password, but no physical address, to send the chocolate to.

This all points towards the post being a scam designed to harvest personal information from Facebook users. 

The official Cadbury World Facebook page has since posted: “A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to let us know about the fraudulent Cadbury World Facebook page offering free hampers. We are working hard to have this page removed, please do not interact with the page or disclose any of your personal information.”

There are a few clues that the Facebook page is fake. 

Firstly, it is named “Cadbury Word” not “Cadbury World”. 

Secondly, the post itself is riddled with spelling and grammar issues. The word “Cadbury” is sometimes uncapitalised, there are full stops in odd places, and new sentences do not begin with capital letters. 

Thirdly, the post claims the promotion is to celebrate 147 years of Cadbury, when the business actually opened 197 years ago.

Finally, the post claims to offer people “one of these hampers” but then doesn’t show a picture of a hamper. A reverse image search reveals that one of the pictures it does show is a press photo accompanying a story about Cadbury extending its partnership with Netball New Zealand.

If this post had come from the real Cadbury World account, you might question why it had chosen this fairly arbitrary image to accompany the promotion.  

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