Footage of a rolling ferry was not made during Storm Eunice

22 February 2022
What was claimed

A video shows a rolling ferry during Storm Eunice in February 2022.

Our verdict

Incorrect. It shows a ferry during Storm Dennis in February 2020.

A video of a ferry rolling violently in a storm was not made during Storm Eunice, as some Facebook posts seemed to claim.

The video was posted on Facebook on 18 February 2022, when Storm Eunice made landfall in the UK. One post said “Current situation with Storm Eunice.” Another included the hashtag #StormEunice.

However, the video actually shows footage of a CalMac ferry, the MV Caledonian Isles, in Ardrossan harbour in Scotland during Storm Dennis in February 2020, as reported by BBC News and others at the time. A different video of the same event was also posted on Twitter.

This has also been checked by other fact checkers.

Photo by Ilona Froehlich on Unsplash

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