Fake lost dog post uses old stock image

21 December 2022
What was claimed

A Facebook user is seeking to reunite an injured dog in North Yorkshire with its owner.

Our verdict

False. The image of the dog in the post was taken in the Philippines in 2016. Similar posts using some of the same text have appeared before.

A Facebook post falsely claims that an injured dog has been found, and asks for help in reuniting the pet with its owner. 

The post, which appears on a group page for people living in North Yorkshire, says: “I’m looking the owner of this sweet pup… I just found him literally freezing to death in our back yard in #Camblesforth . No collar) not chipped … He's hurt a little bit on his leg and not moving very good. Gave him water and food (just a little bit while monitoring him) Please help bump this post so he can be reunited with his/her owner [sic]”

The post is accompanied by an image of a dog lying on some blue wooden boards, and implies that this is the animal that has been found. 

However, a reverse image search shows the original picture was taken in 2016 by photographer Jesse Schoff while on the island of Malapascua in the Philippines. 

The image, which is freely available to use, currently appears on more than 100 websites to illustrate articles on subjects from dog health care issues to reporting animal abuse and puppy training tips. 

We have written before about similar fake posts, often sharing some of the same text, about injured or missing dogs in other places. 

Image courtesy of Jesse Schoff

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