Henry Kissinger has never given a speech about exterminating people with vaccines

27 February 2020
What was claimed

Henry Kissinger told the WHO “Council on Eugenics” that vaccines could be used to control the human population

Our verdict

Dr Kissinger never said this. The meeting never happened. The Council on Eugenics does not exist.

A post on Facebook claims to quote a speech about population control using vaccines that the former US national security advisor and secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, allegedly gave to the “World Health Organization Council on Eugenics” on 25 February 2009.

Mr Kissinger allegedly talked about “the herd” accepting “mandatory forcible vaccination”, which would allow for “forcible blood or organ donation” and the genetic modification of children to follow. The quotes go on to say that vaccine-makers will make “billions” from “providing extermination services”.

It can be hard to prove that a person never said something, because of course not every word is recorded and searchable. However, the evidence in this case clearly shows that the quote was invented.

Several attempts by other fact checkers have failed to any evidence of Dr Kissinger speaking or writing these words, or anything similar. The World Health Organisation told both Politifact and Africa Check that it has no record of this speech. And the “Council on Eugenics” doesn’t even exist.

The anonymous Facebook post gives no other source for the quote.

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