Facebook post on Ireland’s plans for exiting lockdown goes viral

6 May 2020
What was claimed

The government's roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 phases.

Our verdict

This is the plan from the Irish government.

A Facebook post with almost 50,000 shares from a UK-based page has made a number of claims about a phased timetable for exiting lockdown. The post describes the plans in Ireland.

“‼‼Important update‼‼

Government's roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 phases. These phases will be on 3 week review process, the current phases would commence on the following dates:

Phase 1 - 18th May

Phase 2 - 8th June

Phase 3 - 29th June

Phase 4 - 20th July

Phase 5 - 10th August”

Coronavirus Protection Facebook page, 4 May 2020

The Irish government has published its plans for a phased reopening of things like businesses and schools and a lifting of restrictions on social gatherings, following lockdown measures to control the spread of Covid-19. As the post claims, this will occur in five phases starting at various points between 18 May and 10 August.

The Facebook post goes on to accurately describe each of the phases, although the Irish government says these are subject to change depending on the available evidence.

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