Rainbow ‘Gayo’ mayonnaise for Pride is not real

23 June 2022
What was claimed

A bottle of mayonnaise from Kraft has been rebranded as “Gayo” for Pride month.

Our verdict

The picture showing this is not genuine and was created by an artist on Instagram.

A picture appearing to show a bottle of mayonnaise, rebranded as “Gayo” so customers can “add pride to your next BLT” is being shared on Facebook.

But it’s not a genuine product. The image was created by an Instagram user called Doctor Photograph who creates “doctored images, fake cover art & bootleg toys”. His original post of the image included the hashtag “#photoshopped”.

If you look closely, there are several aspects of the picture that give away the fact that it’s not genuine. As well as the product appearing to be rainbow coloured, the container says the “smooth & sassy” product is made with “bonus trans fat” and “closet free eggs”. If you look closely, the label also has the Instagram handle of Doctor Photograph at the bottom.

Although many online have reshared the image understanding it’s fake, some on Facebook haven’t, calling it “indoctrination”.

Image courtesy of Sara Rampazzo

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