Nadine Dorries didn’t say ‘food doesn’t grow on trees’

11 April 2022
What was claimed

Nadine Dorries said people should stop moaning about the demand for food banks, and families would need to “live within their means” because “food doesn’t grow on trees”.

Our verdict

This is a fake tweet.

A viral post on Twitter, now also shared on Facebook, claims to show a tweet from Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, which reads: “I am fed up of the loony left moaning about the rising demand for food banks. Every family needs to live within their means. Food doesn’t grow on trees!”. 

This tweet is fake. A spokesperson for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport told Full Fact: “We can confirm that tweet is a fake, it has never been sent by Nadine Dorries.”

There are other signs that suggest the tweet isn’t genuine. There’s no sign of it on Ms Dorries’ Twitter feed, and no trace of it on a site that tracks MP’s deleted tweets. 

And the account that appears to have posted it first is best known for inventing “an extremely fake yarn about Brexit”. 

Image courtesy of UK government on Flickr.

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