This is not a photo of women of the Red Cross landing at Normandy

12 June 2019
What was claimed

This photo shows women working for the Red Cross arriving at Normandy beach in 1944 to assist injured troops.

Our verdict

It is a photo of women working for the Red Cross arriving in Southern France in 1945 to “keep high the spirits” of American soldiers.

An image claiming to show female Red Cross workers arriving to support troops during the Normandy landings has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and across social media.

However, according to the American Red Cross, the photo was taken on 15 January 1945 in the French Riviera, seven months after the Normandy landings on D-Day. They confirm the passengers are Red Cross staff, and that that they were there to “carry out their duties and keep high the spirits of Yank fighting men.”

The image can also be found on Getty, titled “Ladies Day.”

The photo and the claim that it’s from Normandy has regularly been going viral for a number of years.

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