Picture of parked up private jets isn’t from COP26

5 November 2021
What was claimed

A picture shows private jets in a Scottish airport for COP26.

Our verdict

The picture first appeared online in 2013 and seems to have been taken of jets parked in a New Orleans airport when the Super Bowl was held there.

A post on Facebook claims a photograph of several small aeroplanes shows jets parked up at Prestwick Airport in South Ayrshire, Scotland, for COP26 in Glasgow.

This picture hasn’t been taken during COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties. 

It first appeared online in 2013, alongside an article about private jets arriving in Lakefront Airport in New Orleans when the Super Bowl was held there. The caption of the photo says: “Nearly 700 business jets flocked to New Orleans Lakefront Airport for the biggest sporting event of the year. (Photo: David G. Spielman)”. 

It seems likely that the photo was taken during the Super Bowl when many private jets flew into the city.

Other pictures in articles about the airport and the Super Bowl show the same parts of the site from another angle.

It’s true that a number of private jets have been arriving in Scotland for COP26, though estimates have varied widely.

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