Poland has not refused to allow the building of mosques

27th Aug 2019


Poland has refused to allow mosques to be built until they can build a Christian church in Saudi Arabia.


Incorrect. This is not Polish government policy.

A Facebook post says: “Did you know that Poland has REFUSED to allow Mosques to be built until they can build a Christian Church in Saudi Arabia”. It has been shared over 3,000 times.

This is incorrect. The Polish embassy in London told us that it is not government policy. They added that there are mosques in Poland.

However, a similar sentiment—that Poland should refuse to allow Saudi Arabia to build a mosque in Poland until Poland is allowed to build a cathedral in Saudi Arabia—has been expressed by the Polish politician Dominik Tarczyński. The Polish factcheckers Demagog found and translated two tweets by Mr Tarczyński for us.

In January 2018, Mr Tarczyński wrote: “If Saudi Arabia wants to pay for a mosque in Poland, then Poland wants to pay for the cathedral in Saudi Arabia. You agree with it? Very well. If not - goodbye!!!”

And in August 2018 he wrote: “They want a mosque in Poland? Ok. We want a cathedral in Saudi Arabia. Respect for religion and symmetry in practicing of faith. NO TO THE ISLAMISATION OF EUROPE!””

He also expressed similar views in an interview with Breitbart.