Video of driver escaping police roadblock by driving on roof of bus is not real

10 June 2022
What was claimed

Video of a driver escaping from the police by driving on the roofs of other vehicles is genuine.

Our verdict

The events in the footage are the creation of a graphic artist and do not depict real events.

A widely-shared video posted to Facebook which purports to show spectacular footage of a driver escaping a police roadblock is not real.

In the video a blue car manages to avoid a roadblock by driving off a ramp next to a tunnel and using the roof of a truck then a double decker bus to cross four lanes of a dual carriageway and safely reach the other side of the road. 

The video is overlaid with the words: “When the luck is 200% with you”. The soundtrack features police sirens and the gasps and cheers of the onlookers supposedly filming the event. 

The footage is fake and was created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) by a visual effects artist who uses the social media handle @2ncs.

The video first appeared on his Instagram account in April 2021. It began spreading on social media shortly after, with other fact checkers reporting it was fake later that month. In this original footage, the name ‘2ncs’ appears at the bottom of the video towards the end, but this has been obscured on the most recent version seen on Facebook. 

A YouTube account linked to the same @2ncs account features dozens more videos depicting similar scenarios and a range of other stunts. One shows how special effects are created.

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