Viral video of police officer taking drugs doesn’t feature a real officer

31 January 2019
What was claimed

A police officer appears to be taking drugs while on duty in a viral video.

Our verdict

The video was made as a prank. Police Scotland told us that it wasn’t a real police officer.

We factchecked a viral video which appears to show a police officer taking drugs—the video has been shared over 34,000 times on Facebook.

The video actually shows a prank, as reported in a number of media outlets, and the person in it is not a real police officer. According to reports the man featured in the video is wearing an “imitation police uniform” and is snorting sugar.

Police Scotland told us that: "Following reports of a video circulating on social media, which suggested an on-duty officer was involved in drug taking, an investigation was launched to establish the video's authenticity. We are satisfied that the individual featured, is not a police officer and enquiries will continue to establish potential criminality."

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