Police officers around the world have died from Covid-19

19 May 2020
What was claimed

We have not heard of one police officer dying from Covid-19 across the world.

Our verdict

Incorrect. Many Covid-19 deaths among police officers have been reported worldwide, including at least one such death in the UK.

A Facebook post claims that, although police are less able to socially distance themselves during their work, “we have not heard across the world of one police officer dying due to Covid 19”. 

This is incorrect. 

There have been many reported deaths from Covid-19 among police officers across the world, including 17 police officers in Peru and more than 50 officers in the USA.

At least one such Covid-19 death has been reported in the UK. According to news reports, a British Transport Police officer died on 17 April 2020 after becoming ill with Covid-19. 

Other European countries, including Italy, France and Spain have also reported Covid-19 deaths among police officers.

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