Claims the Royal British Legion won’t sell poppies to avoid upsetting ‘minorities’ are false

15 September 2020
What was claimed

The Royal British Legion will not be selling poppies in certain areas to avoid upsetting “minorities”.

Our verdict

This is not true.

A block of text that claims that the Royal British Legion will not be selling poppies in some areas this year due to complaints from “minorities” is circling again on Facebook. 

The text reads:

“I've just heard some really shocking news, The Royal British Legion are not selling poppies in certain areas on Nov 11 this year. This is because some minorities say that it will upset them, I say sod off ... The poppy is a symbol of reverence for our fallen heroes of all the wars the BRITISH military have fought in. BRITAIN STAND UP AND SAY 'WE WANT THE POPPY SOLD EVERY WERE [sic] IN THE UK'. THIS IS OUR RIGHT TO REVERE OUR FALLEN... PLEASE RE-POST”.

This is not true. This claim appears annually, and again, this year, the Royal British Legion has stated that it is not true.

The charity told Full Fact: 

“We have always offered the Poppy in every community and area of the United Kingdom and we will continue to do so.”

This article is part of our work fact checking potentially false pictures, videos and stories on Facebook. You can read more about this—and find out how to report Facebook content—here. For the purposes of that scheme, we’ve rated this claim as false because the Royal British Legion has confirmed it is not true.

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