Irish reporter did not get hit by sign during storm

22 February 2022
What was claimed

A news reporter gets hit by a sign while reporting during a storm.

Our verdict

Although most of the video is genuine, the part where she gets hit by the sign was edited in.

A video on Facebook shows a journalist reporting outdoors during a heavy storm before she appears to be hit in the face by a stop sign. The caption says: “One reason why sending news reporters into bad storms can be a terrible idea. WAIT FOR IT!”

The post on Facebook was first shared in 2017, but seems to be getting renewed attention since Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin hit the UK in the last two weeks.

But this video has been edited. The original, showing reporter Teresa Mannion reporting from a gusty Galway, appeared on RTÉ in Ireland during Storm Desmond in 2015. 

The clip went viral and with that came a version that was edited to include a stop sign hitting her. According to an article from the Irish Times, Ms Mannion said some people at the time did think that version was genuine.

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