Street fight was not filmed when lockdown eased in England

19 April 2021
What was claimed

A city centre fight was filmed in Luton as pubs re-opened in April 2021.

Our verdict

The video was actually taken in the Netherlands last year, ahead of a football match.

A Facebook post with more than 6,400 views shows a fight breaking out in the streets.

A caption beneath this video reads “Pubs back open in Luton this morning all going well.”

While pub gardens reopened in England last then, this fight did not happen since then, nor in Luton, nor even in England. 

The video was actually taken last year in the Dutch city of Groningen, ahead of a game between FC Groningen and German team Arminia Bielefeld.

Articles on the incident in Dutch media can be found here and here

While we understand the video may well have been intended as a joke, a number of people in the comments appear to believe it did happen as England’s lockdown restrictions were lifted.

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