This supposed Dominic Raab tweet seems to be an old fake

26th Nov 2019


Dominic Raab posted and then deleted a tweet describing Scotland as a region of England.


The tweet seems to be a fake. There is no evidence Mr Raab ever tweeted this, he has denied he ever did and it was covered widely as a fake by the media over a year ago when it first surfaced.

An image of a tweet, supposedly written by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, has been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook. The tweet says the Conservatives will deliver a successful Brexit deal “for all England’s regions, including Scotland.”

Except, Mr Raab doesn’t seem to have ever tweeted this.

Mr Raab only has two tweets live on his Twitter account which mention Scotland—and neither are the tweet shared on Facebook.

The image says that Mr Raab had deleted the tweet, but there’s also no evidence of it in a database of tweets deleted by MPs.

Mr Raab has previously said the tweet was fake and not posted by him. The image first went viral in July 2018, and the fact it seemed to be fake was covered widely by the media.