Flying bin video was not filmed during Storm Eunice

22 February 2022
What was claimed

A video shows Storm Eunice blowing a wheelie bin, a trampoline and chairs around in the air.

Our verdict

The video was taken in 2021, during a suspected tornado in Barking, London.

Some posts on Facebook claim that a video of strong winds picking up a wheelie bin, a trampoline and a chair shows Storm Eunice, which hit the UK last week. The video was also shared on Twitter and retweeted by BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, who asked if it was real or not, with the hashtag #StormEunice.

But the video wasn’t taken as recently as that. The earliest version we can find was uploaded to TikTok on 25 June 2021. This was around the time that a tornado-like incident was reported in Barking, East London. The video appears to have been filmed in this area.

A Met Office forecaster told the Guardian at the time that they couldn’t confirm it was a tornado, but it likely had been. According to the Met Office, around 30 tornadoes a year are reported in the UK.

We have no reason to believe the video has been edited, as there were similar videos circulating and reports of extreme winds and damage in the area, although the sound on the TikTok is not the original and has been added in afterwards.

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