The World Economic Forum didn’t say it’s racist to not want to eat bugs

16 September 2022
What was claimed

The World Economic Forum published a tweet and article asking “is it racist to not want to transition to a bug-based diet?”

Our verdict

There is no evidence the World Economic Forum ever published such an article, and the screenshot appears to have been digitally manipulated.

A screenshot shared on Facebook appears to show a tweet from the World Economic Forum (WEF) which asks “is it racist to not want to transition to a bug-based diet?” 

The image has also been shared a number of times on Twitter

But there is no evidence the WEF ever tweeted this, and the screenshot has been digitally manipulated. 

Full Fact could find no trace of this tweet from the official WEF account, and the link included in the tweet does not work. The WEF has previously published articles about the role insects could play in people’s diets, but nothing directly matching the alleged article in the tweet could be found through a search on their site. 

The WEF has also confirmed that the tweet was not posted through their accounts. A spokesperson for the organisation told Reuters the tweet is “not an authentic social media post” from the WEF.

Misinformation surrounding the WEF appears regularly on social media—particularly in relation to conspiracies surrounding its “Great Reset” initiative—and we have written extensively about different false claims in the past. 

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