World Economic Forum founder has not urged world leaders to give him control of their countries

29 September 2023
What was claimed

The head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has urged world leaders to grant him full governmental control over their nations.

Our verdict

False. There is no evidence Mr Schwab has said this.

A Facebook post features a screenshot of an article which claims that Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has urged world leaders to give him full governmental control of all their countries. 

The headline featured in the post has been taken from an article originally published by The People’s Voice. We have previously published fact checks about other unevidenced claims from articles published by The People’s Voice. These include the Pope calling for disabled people to be euthanised, the Pope and Bill Clinton supporting “urgent depopulation” and the WEF calling for the slaughter of millions of pets.  

This article claims that, while speaking at the 2023 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, which took place in Indonesia in early September, Mr Schwab “ordered government leaders to cooperate with the WEF or face losing power and influence in the new globalist landscape”.

All comments made during the summit by Mr Schwab are available online. Although he spoke about cooperation between countries and businesses, at no point did he order governments to cooperate with the WEF or face losing power.  We can find no evidence of Mr Schwab ever making any such statement or anything similar to it. 

Misinformation like this can be alarming and spread quickly online, causing people to form beliefs based on inaccurate information.

Yann Zopf, head of media engagement at the WEF, told fact checkers from Reuters that the claim was false and said it was “created to discredit the important work that the World Economic Forum does on serious global challenges.”

We have contacted The People’s Voice for comment. 

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