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Sharia in the UK

The Times today repeats a estimate made by a think-tank in 2009 that there are approximately 85 Sharia “courts”, or councils, in the UK.

Here’s our take on this figure, and more background on how Sharia – Muslim religious law – operates in this country.

Is Grexit legal?

As we in the UK should know, being in the euro and being in the EU aren’t the same thing. You can leave the single currency without leaving the EU.

So when people talk about ‘Grexit’, which do they mean, and is either allowed under EU law? Read our factcheck.


How the Barnett Formula is 'flawed'

Plans for “English votes for English laws” are on the table this week, with the government saying that it wants to make the law-making process “fair to all parts of the UK”.

Are the funding arrangements for different parts of the UK fair, though? Read our analysis here.

Counting the cost of missed GP appointments

It’s widely thought that missed GP appointments cost the NHS £160 million a year. But when we looked into this last year the only source for the estimate was seemingly a survey of doctors conducted in 2004.

Today we’ve been in touch with NHS England again to ask them if they can tell us any more. In the meantime, the £160 million estimate should be treated with caution.

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The UK’s Sharia ‘courts’

While there are undoubtedly lots of different religious councils and tribunals in the UK dealing with Sharia principles, they aren’t courts of law.

GP waiting times: survey doesn’t show 14 million “forced” to wait a week or more

The Daily Mail says 14 million patients were forced to wait a week or more last year, according to new figures. But the figures don't say that.

An awkward referendum

Doubts surround Sunday's referendum in Greece - not least the constitutionality of the exercise, which a court will rule on after it's been held.

Ask Full Fact: does urinating in public put you on the sex offenders register?

It's very unlikely that being caught urinating in public will get you charged with a sexual offence, like exposure, that puts you on the police register.

Poverty, inequality and airport expansion: factchecking Prime Minister’s Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on poverty, inequality, airport expansion and defence spending.

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Is Grexit legal?

EU members can leave the Union voluntarily, but there’s no legal mechanism for a country to drop or be ejected from the euro. Grexit may well happen anyway.


Bad graphs: Gatwick needs a short-haul overhaul

Today's Airport Commission report accidentally suggested Gatwick had more short-haul flights than Heathrow. We're on the case.

Benefits: It’s not true that half get more than they pay

Much of the press says that half of households get more in 'benefits' than they pay in tax. But 'benefits' here includes things like visiting your GP.

The EU, the Gherkin and ‘freedom of panorama’

Restrictions on 'freedom of panorama' - reproducing images of public buildings and art - have been proposed in an EU committee, but are a long way from law.

GP opening hours—five years of pledges

The government has been criticised by shadow health minister Liz Kendall for not meeting a promise on GP opening hours.

Ask Full Fact: What’s happened to the minimum wage?

We asked our Facebook followers for suggestions for a factcheck, and this was the lucky winner. What's happened to the minimum wage since it was introduced?

How many Syrian refugees are there in the UK?

187 Syrian refugees entered the UK through a government programme. 4-5,000 Syrian refugees arrived in the UK since the crisis started. Which is correct?

Income tax: Who contributes what

Former chancellor has urged the government to cut the top income tax rate to 45p. We've had a look at how high-earners fared last time it was cut.

Poverty in the UK: a guide to the facts and figures

Relative poverty, absolute poverty and how pensioners, children and the rest of us are faring.

Child tax credits, cancer tests, and academies: factchecking Prime Minister’s Questions

At PMQs Harriet Harman and others grilled the Prime Minister on issues from child benefits, cancer diagnosis, and school policy.

£21 billion saved? Welfare spending over the last parliament

George Osborne says the government legislated for £21 billion in welfare savings over the last parliament. What actually happened to spending?

How many lives would early cancer diagnosis save?

There's uncertainty around estimates of how many deaths could be prevented by earlier diagnosis of cancer

£1.2 billion saved? The troubled families programme

David Cameron says the government's troubled families programme saved £1.2 billion. But we don't know what the effect of the programme actually was.

Foreign nurses: how many are to be “kicked out” due to visa rules?

The Independent and the Mirror have reported very different figures on the number of nurses who'll be affected by recent visa changes.


When talking about benefit cuts it’s unhelpful to refer to the “£220 billion” welfare budget

The £220 billion welfare budget includes pension costs, which aren't going to be cut.

NHS waiting times: one of three 18-week targets has been missed in 10 of 12 months

The NHS has missed one of its 18 week waiting time targets in 10 of the last 12 months - what's behind worsening performance on this measure?

Will there be a million more over 70s in 2020?

The UK population is ageing, and this is putting considerable pressure on public finances.

Tariffs and barriers: trade between Britain and the EU

What would trade between Britain and the EU look like if we left?

Welfare spending, wage growth and housing: factchecking Prime Minister’s Questions

We've checked PMQs claims on welfare spending, house building, record wage growth, rapes reported in London and women living in refuge