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What was claimed

in a Public Health England review

It’s important and complicated

People from minority ethnic groups have higher risks from Covid-19 than the majority White population in the UK

Our verdict

We look at what is known and, more importantly, unknown about inequalities in Covid-19 outcomes across minority ethnic groups in the UK.

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What was claimed

by celebrities and other public figures

Shared widely on Twitter

Suicides have increased 200% under lockdown

Our verdict

The Office for National Statistics records statistics on suicide, but the most recent full release for the UK covers 2018. There are no figures available since lockdown began in March.

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What was claimed

in a preprint study, now withdrawn

Shared in national newspapers

Nearly 99% of Covid-19 patients who are vitamin D deficient die, according to a research study

Our verdict

Because other risk factors weren’t accounted for, we can’t tell whether vitamin D deficiency does affect a patient's likelihood of dying from Covid-19.

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We’re here to change debate for the better. We ask people to correct the record when they get things wrong, develop new technology to counter misleading claims, and campaign for better information in public life.

Full Fact in the news

The Full Fact Report 2020

Fight bad information in the UK: our calls to improve trust and public debate, in the first of three annual reports.

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What do our readers’ questions tell us about the public’s coronavirus concerns?

We've pulled together the main themes from over 2,400 questions sent in to us as part of our Ask Full Fact series.

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Automated fact checking

How we use AI to help fact check party manifestos

As part of our efforts to fact check the 2019 general election, we’ve been using our AI tools to scrutinise the manifestos of the main parties

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