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4 November 2016 | Phoebe Arnold

Our senior researcher Joseph O'Leary was at Cardiff University yesterday, training broadcast journalism students in factchecking.

Professor Glyn Mottershead had seen Joseph giving a talk in March, hosted by Google News Lab and the National Council for the Training of Journalists. Glyn liked Joseph's talk so much that he invited him to come and train his own students at Cardiff.

Joseph talked about polling quality, digging for primary sources, and how you can avoid misleading people with your graphics. He also urged the students to give their audiences reference points—for example comparing spending pledges with what the government spends overall.

Joseph and other Full Fact staff have done similar journalism training for events, newsrooms, and universities around the country.

If you've got students or colleagues you'd like us to train and inspire, please get in touch with charlotte.browning@fullfact.org.

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