Helping listeners make up their own minds

14 October 2016 | Amy Hawkins

Full Fact is partnering with LBC radio to produce a series of weekly factcheck videos for their website.

During the EU referendum, the phrase we heard again and again was “We just want the facts”. We worked hard to provide them, and in six weeks reached millions of people. This was thanks to our EU referendum crowdfunders, who contributed over £43,000, and allowed us to invest time in developing partnerships with media organisations that are bigger than us.

A good chunk of this audience came from our work with national media organisations, including LBC. We were on Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast Show several times to help explain the facts about the EU referendum to millions of listeners, and we also produced a set of factcheck videos, where our researchers explained some of the thorny issues of the day in short, snappy clips. These were published on Full Fact’s and LBC’s website and social media platforms.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read a factcheck, and there are plenty of people who care about the issues we factcheck, but haven’t heard of Full Fact yet. By working with LBC we can get the facts out to their  audience of millions. The theme of these videos is “Helping listeners make up their own minds”—which could have come straight from Full Fact’s own mouth.

The first of our video factchecks, on the cost of leaving the single market, is out today. You can watch it here.

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