Rallying for the Battle of Ideas

20 October 2016 | Phoebe Arnold

The Battle of Ideas festival is this Saturday and Sunday, and we’ve been polishing our armour to a high shine.

We’ve found a path out of this post factual forest and the Battle of Ideas is the perfect place to hand out maps. That path out involves more and better data earlier in election cycles, building automation tools to speed up factchecking, and teaming up with the media to get factchecking out to a much wider audience (see our recent work with LBC radio and the Telegraph).

The Battle of Ideas is a weekend festival (22nd - 23rd October) at the Barbican, London. It's organised by the Institute of Ideas, involving 400 speakers over 100 sessions that are guaranteed to get your brain cells jumping and your conversation muscles chomping.

Just a few of the topics that caught our eye include: “What is the truth about post-factual politics?” “How should policy-makers do their jobs against a background of populism?” and “what should post-millennials know?”

Our Director, Will Moy, will be speaking about How to understand statistics on Sunday at 13:10 to 13:50 in the Frobisher auditorium 1.

Take a look at the programme for yourself – and if you just can’t resist buying a ticket, please do come and say hello. We’ll be running a stall throughout the day all weekend.

You can get tickets for the Battle of Ideas here. Special offers are available for school pupils and students, and anyone under 30 working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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