How much is the UK spending on security at Calais?

The UK and France have cooperated on border controls around French ports for years. How much do we spend on doing so?

Have 5,000 jihadis come into the EU?

Claims that there are 5,000 terrorists loose in Europe have been attributed to the director of Europol, the EU law enforcement agency. He says otherwise.

The Sun, the OECD and asylum seekers

The Sun quotes the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as saying that many migrants aren't fleeing war zones. Here's what else the OECD said.

Are only one in five asylum seekers Syrian?

The Mail claims that 1 in 5 asylum seekers have been Syrian. The Guardian says there is evidence that's changing as the situation develops. Both are right.

Ask Full Fact: are asylum seekers mostly men?

Readers have asked us whether it's true that most refugees are male. Of those applying for asylum in the EU recently, more than half have been men aged over 18.

The UK can't be forced to accept more refugees

The EU can't force Britain to take a "quota" of refugees from other EU countries. The UK can choose to opt in to any such EU plan.

Ask Full Fact: Germany hasn't accepted 800,000 Syrian refugees

Germany will end up accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees, both from Syria and the wider world, but 800,000 Syrians accepted to date is way off.

UK asylum support doesn't go as far as France

Comparisons are tricky, but it seems that the UK gives asylum seekers less cash support than many other European countries, adjusted for living costs.

Cash for asylum seekers: hard to say whether we give more

Media explanations about the rate of cash support for asylum seekers in France and the UK are comparing the wrong things - understandably, as it's complex.

How many asylum seekers has Britain had?

Figures given by Channel 4 News on asylum seekers are correct: in the first three months of 2015, six EU countries received more applications than Britain.

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