30th May 2012

Full Fact complains to PCC over nursing jobs error

Earlier this month the Times and the i newspapers both incorrectly reported the number of nurses supposedly at risk of being cut from the NHS. The i's coverage was the …
30th May 2012

Are record numbers of teachers leaving the profession?

On Sunday the Independent reported that there was an exodus from the teaching profession as the number of teachers leaving the profession before they reached retirement age hit a record …

30th May 2012

Are cyclists to blame for road accidents?

Freshly-elected Mayor of London Boris Johnson last week claimed the majority of cyclists are implicated in their own accidents - specifically those leading to serious injury or death. Is there …

29th May 2012

Have alcohol-related hospital admissions quadrupled in Scotland?

Scottish Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made the claim that increasing alcohol affordability has seen increasing admissions to hospital related to alcohol use. Is she correct?

29th May 2012

Are 10% of the world's crops genetically modified?

During a Channel 4 News panel segment, it was claimed that ten per cent of the world's crops are now genetically modified. Is this true, and can this figure be …

29th May 2012

Boris Johnson still giving mixed messages on trustworthy statistics

Last week former Green mayoral candidate Jenny Jones pressed the Mayor during Mayor's Questions to sign up to trustworthy statistics for London: "Following calls from Full Fact during the election …
28th May 2012

The Royal Family: Are we getting our money's worth?

In the lead up to the Diamond Jubilee royal sentiment is certainly high. But how much is the Royal Family worth?

25th May 2012

Is re-offending at a record high?

The Daily Star claims that nearly a third of people convicted of serious offences in 2011 had 15 or more previous convictions or cautions, and that a record number of …

24th May 2012

Do crime statistics mask a growing problem with anti-social behaviour?

Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens sparked controversy today when he urged Today programme listeners to ignore crime statistics, because they ignored a rising problem with anti-social behaviour. Does he have …

24th May 2012

Was Harriet Baldwin wrong on workless households?

Conservative MP Harriet Baldwin claimed that one in four adults was in a workless household, and that the number of workless households had doubled under the previous Labour government. Was …

24th May 2012

Do politicians interfere with crime statistics?

Peter Hitchens advised listeners to this morning's Today Programme to mistrust crime statistics. Might that be good advice?

23rd May 2012

Prisoner voting: what does European Court's judgment mean for the UK?

On Tuesday, the grand chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) added another judgment to the prisoner voting saga, promting anger from many of the morning's papers. Anyone …
22nd May 2012

Evening Standard incorrectly reports a drop in the cost of living

Today's Evening Standard carries a very misleading headline. Reporting on the fall in the CPI rate of inflation from 3.5 per cent to 3 per cent, the paper's headline claimed …
22nd May 2012

Is there no link between police numbers and crime levels?

This week in the House of Commons Policing Minister Nick Herbert was asked for his assessment of the effect of the change in police numbers on the level of crime …
22nd May 2012

Have 1 in 5 households really never worked?

Labour MP Frank Field has claimed that one in five unemployed households contain a member who has never had a job. He has also claimed that one in five households …