25th Jun 2010

How much is Trident costing already?

Could any savings have been made in this week's budget had the replacement for Trident been scrapped? Though Business Secretary Vince Cable disputed such arguments during his Question Time appearance, …

21st Jun 2010

Road safety: time for change?

A report launched today by the Lighter Later campaign suggests that ditching Greenwich Mean Time could save lives on Britain's roads. Full Fact reviews the evidence

3rd Jun 2010

Is Government policy on rape law baseless?

The new Government has been forced to defend its policy to give defendants in rape cases anonymity. A host of MPs have said the policy has been brought forward without …

26th May 2010

Academies: Where's the evidence?

Despite consensus between the parties over the success of academies, critics insist there are no grounds for claiming the new schools are a class apart from their more traditional counterparts. …

25th May 2010

A bee in their Barnett: Do cuts hit Wales worst?

Plaid Cymru have claimed that the Welsh Assembly will face cuts 33 per cent more severe than those imposed on total UK spending. But how do their figures add up, …

20th May 2010

George Osborne's tax book example

George Osborne made his bow as Chancellor in front of the captains of British industry last week. He promised to make the tax system simpler, but did he get his …

7th May 2010

Ten facts the parties got wrong on the campaign trail

Fact-checking played a more prominent role in this election than any previous campaign. Now that voting is over here is our round up of the the best examples of fact-checkers …

28th Apr 2010

Claim and counter claim over IFS report

Yesterday's Institute for Fiscal studies report assessing the main parties plans to cut the deficit, showed large gaps in each set of proposals. This has not stopped each party claiming …

26th Apr 2010

Labour's social housing record

With long waiting lists for social housing, are the Conservatives right to claim that the building of new affordable homes has been lower under Labour?

7th Apr 2010

The civil service: the Government's record

Union leader Mark Serwotka has accused the Government of presiding over huge job losses in the civil service. Full Fact's investigation suggests this was an exaggeration. Civil service numbers have …

6th Apr 2010

Government advertising

Reports have accused the Government of trying to influence the election by increasing spending on advertising. But how many of these adverts are as "highly political" as is claimed?

6th Apr 2010

Political party funding — the lobbyists' loophole?

The recent controversy involving MPs offering influence in return for cash from lobbying firms has been dubbed by some commentators as "bigger news" than the expenses scandal that rocked Parliament …
18th Mar 2010

Party funding: an imagined consensus?

In Prime Minister's Question Time yesterday Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg accused both Labour and the Conservatives of being guilty of blocking a deal on political party funding. Mr Clegg …
8th Mar 2010

"Health warning" on PCS claims over civil service pay gap

With the civil service out on strike, the dispute has unsurprisingly boiled down to claim and counter claim between the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) and the Government. Beyond …
3rd Mar 2010

Convictions on the DNA database?

In a major speech on crime Gordon Brown again made the claim that the DNA database plays a significant role in solving crimes. It is a contentious political issue, with …