27th Jan 2011

Express corrects claim on Incapacity Benefit

When Northern and Shell withdrew from regulation by the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) Full Fact along with MPs and industry bodies raised concerns about the implications of the move for …
27th Jan 2011

How much are employment tribunals costing businesses?

The Telegraph today ran a story regarding plans by the coalition government to overhaul employment law in which it was claimed that "business spends on average £4,000 on average to …
26th Jan 2011

Incapacity Benefit: Can 94% of claimants work?

The latest welfare figures have again been subject to misinterpretation among certain newspapers. Yet the Daily Mail has gone further than most - suggesting 94 per cent on incapacity benefit …

25th Jan 2011

Express house price reports: Change we can believe in?

Last week Full Fact showed how the Daily Express had taken what could be at best described as an over optimistic interpretation of house price forecasts. Splashing on the news …
18th Jan 2011

Has the London Murder rate fallen by a quarter under Boris?

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson claimed last week that the number of people murdered in the capital had fallen by an "average" of 25 per cent. What does he …

18th Jan 2011

Bursting the Express house price bubble

The front page of this morning's Express reports that we will soon see a house price surge. However when Full Fact looked closer at the sources for the story, we …

21st Dec 2010

Full Fact's best of 2010

As MPs head back to their constituencies for Christmas, we take a quick look at some of the progress made in promoting accurate political debate in our inaugural year.

20th Dec 2010

An historically small budget deficit?

Having been elected General Secretary of the UK's second largest trade union last month, Len McCluskey has wasted no time in creating a stir by this morning calling for strikes …

20th Dec 2010

Welcome move towards more transparent data from DWP

After last week's agreement by two newspapers to amend erroneous stories we had been chasing them about for months, Full Fact is also pleased to report success in another ongoing …
16th Dec 2010

SEN errors in press corrected after Full Fact goes to PCC

After three months of persistence, Full Fact is happy to report that the Daily Telegraph and Independent newspapers have agreed to alter inaccurate figures in their coverage of an Ofsted …
15th Dec 2010

OECD warns against education trends made by DfE and media

The UK's fall in international school league tables was widely noted in the press last week, however the trend was more severe in certain sources than elsewhere. Full Fact found …

14th Dec 2010

The Big Question: A Full Fact Guide to the Economy

As an eventful year in politics draws to a close, there will be many talking points for Fleet Street's finest to pick over as we approach the festive period. However …
10th Dec 2010

Labour's "record" funding for students

As the debate raged over rising tution fees, Labour Shadow Business Minister John Denham contrasted the Coalition cuts to university funding with "record" levels under Labour. When Full Fact examined …

29th Nov 2010

What does benefit fraud cost the average household?

The News of the World reports that benefits cheats swindled each household out of £2,300 over the past ten years, conflating fraud and error—which, of course, cuts both ways.

26th Nov 2010

UKSA: "Serious deficiencies" in DWP statistical arrangements

Regular Full Fact visitors will be aware of the concerns we raised about the lack of transparency in sets of statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions. Back …