‘Free Morrisons food box’ offer is fake

8 September 2021
What was claimed

Every person who shares or comments on a Facebook post will receive a free Morrisons food box and voucher, collectively worth £50.

Our verdict

This is not true. Morrisons have confirmed the post is a scam, and have warned people not to interact with the post.

A post from a Facebook account purporting to be an official page for Morrisons claims that every person who comments on or shares the post is eligible to receive a free food box worth £35 and a voucher worth £15. 

This is not true. The page is not affiliated with the official Morrisons brand, and no such deal exists. 

A spokesperson for the supermarket told Full Fact that they have contacted Facebook and asked it to remove the account. 

The Morrisons spokesperson added: “These fake accounts and social media posts are designed by third-parties posting as Morrisons, for the purpose of fraudulent activity. 

“Whilst the account is being removed, we advise users not to click any links, open attachments or enter personal information.”

The Facebook page itself only has one post, and is visibly different to Morrisons’ real page, which is verified. 

We have checked a number of similar scams this year, including fake posts promising free meal vouchers at Wetherspoons and a free Cadbury World chocolate hamper

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