Election update, 21 April: nurse training and a row over the SNP

Published: 21st Apr 2015

Most of the papers today have covered the tragic deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean on their front pages.

The prospect of the SNP being in coalition leads the political stories on the front page. The Guardian's front page story is on Conservative Lord Forsyth's criticism of the Prime Minister's reactions to the SNP and Labour, and the i paper does the same. The Daily Telegraph and the Times both lead on former prime minister John Major's warnings of 'mayhem' if a Labour government is propped by the SNP.

As well as this story the Daily Mail leads on an investigation into the taxes of NHS managers.

The Sun's front page reports on low-paid interns working for the Labour Party.

Today we'll be publishing a guide to living standards, continuing with our analysis of the manifestos, and looking into training places for nurses. In the meantime check out our guide to the number of nursing staff.

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