Election update, 22 April: food banks and Wikipedia

Published: 22nd Apr 2015

The use of Trussell Trust food banks by an alleged one million people last year is covered by the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Mirror today. You can read our explanation of why that figure is inaccurate here. We also prompted last night's Newsnight to issue a correction towards the end of the broadcast.

Elsewhere in the press, party political attacks feature prominently. The Guardian's front page story reports on Grant Shapps, accused of editing Wikipedia to discredit his rivals within the Conservative Party. The Mirror leads on the same.

The Mail's front page reports that more than half of Labour candidates in "winnable seats" are sponsored by the trade union Unite.

The Financial Times leads with a story on a British trader charged over manipulating the financial market in 2010. The story also features on The Times's front page, alongside continued coverage of the decision not to prosecute the Labour peer Lord Janner (see our explanation here).

The Mediterranean migration crisis is on the Independent's cover, together with a report on the Home Office being ordered by the Upper Tribunal to "bring back" a child deported to Nigeria.

The Sun's front page is on the dangers of dieting pills bought online.

Today we'll be continuing our efforts to correct the record on food banks, as well as covering Ed Miliband's commitment to fund an extra 1,000 training places for nurses if elected.


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