Election update, 28 April: polling, the Union, and 'White Van Dan'

Published: 28th Apr 2015

It's nine days until the election and there is plenty of political news out today.

The Daily Mail covers criticism of Labour's 'use it or lose it' proposal to encourage house building, they include comments from the Institute of Directors and a Conservative candidate. We'll be publishing a factcheck on Labour's rent control pledges later today, but before then, check out our introduction to housing issues for some background.

The Mirror's front page has an article about Conservative MP Phillip Lee saying people should have to wait longer to be seen at Accident & Emergency to deter visits. We've looked at the data on A&E in England here.

David Cameron's claim that he has ten days to save the Union is the main political story from the Times, while the Guardian reports on the Conservative policy to fund new apprenticeships with money from bank fines. We've covered the coalition's record on apprenticeships here.

The i, Telegraph and Independent lead with polling reports showing a Conservative lead, and suggest that fear of a Labour/SNP pact is putting voters off voting for Labour.

The Sun reports on a man known as 'White Van Dan' saying he will be voting Conservative. Dan Ware made the news last year after a Labour MP took a photo of his house and posted it to Twitter.

Outside of politics, the earthquake in Nepal continues to dominate the news, featuring on the Times, Guardian, Mirror, Express, Star and the Independent's front pages. The Telegraph and Express also have health-related stories.


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