Full Fact Director Will Moy speaks at the Leveson Inquiry

9 February 2012

Yesterday Full Fact gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics and standards.

Full Fact's Director, Will Moy, gave oral evidence alongside Martin Moore, Director of the Media Standards Trust.

Will was asked about whether the focus on bad or inaccurate journalism reflected on the industry as a whole. He said:

"Not all journalism is untrustworthy, not even are most journalists untrustworthy, but enough journalism by enough journalists is untrustworthy that it doesn't make sense for the ordinary member of the public to trust journalism...

"Good journalism is devalued by journalism which is recklessly inaccurate"

The session was covered by many media outlets, including the Guardian and the Metro, and seemed to be well received. The Financial Times' Media Correspondent commented that it was "very powerful testimony". 

We're also grateful for the reception we received on Twitter, where Alastair Campbell and former Daily Star journalist Rich Peppiatt were among those to lend their support to the points we raised.

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