Footage claimed to be of Iran attack on Israel is CGI video of WW2

15 April 2024
What was claimed

A video shows Iran’s attack with missiles and drones on Israel.

Our verdict

This isn’t what the video shows. It is a CGI animation of a battle in the Second World War and has been online since 2021.

A clip is being shared online with false claims it shows Iran’s attack on Israel with drones and missiles.

In the video, which is circulating on X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, YouTube and Instagram with claims it shows the Iranian attack on 13 April, a siren is sounding as red lights flash in the sky above buildings.

It has also been shared on Facebook with the caption: “This is how Iran is firing missiles on Isreal and Israel’s Iron Dome has been intercepting hundreds of missiles fired by Iran that are aimed against the country [sic].”

However, the video is a CGI creation of a WW2 battle which has been online since at least October 2021, and is not related to conflict in the Middle East.

A longer and uncropped version of the clip was first shared in high definition on Instagram back in 2021. This user’s bio describes them as a 3D animator, and the caption of the post (translated from Spanish) says: “POV: You are going to die. CGI. What humanity once saw” with the hashtags #ww2 #blitz and #1940s.

The video is also featured on the same user’s Youtube channel as part of a medley of videos with the translated title: “Do you want to know how it felt to be in the SECOND WORLD WAR? This is for you…” Full Fact has previously fact checked claims made in 2022 that the same video showed Russia invading Ukraine.

Air raid alerts were triggered in Israel on 13 April as air defences were activated against drones, cruise and ballistic missiles launched at the country in an attack by Iran.

Miscaptioned or altered videos are a common type of misinformation we see spreading during unfolding global events. We have written about many other examples of out of context videos being shared in relation to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, including footage of a US warehouse fire, a woman in Morocco and a submersible in the Eastern Pacific that people claimed showed events in the region.

You can read more about how to identify misleading content in our guides to fact checking images and videos.

Image courtesy of Fars Media Corporation

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