Video shows an execution by Islamic State, not Hamas

5 December 2023
What was claimed

A video shows Hamas executing people by throwing them off the roof of a building.

Our verdict

This video shows executions by Islamic State in Iraq in 2015.

A video is circulating online with claims it shows executions carried out by Hamas. But it actually shows the horrific acts of Islamic State. 

In the video [WARNING: disturbing and graphic content], two figures can be seen throwing several people from the roof of a tall building, one by one. It has been shared on social media in recent days with the claim it shows actions by Hamas amid the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.

One post has the caption: “This is who all you university and college students and others are supporting. Hamas executes people by throwing them off a roof of a building.”

However, this video actually shows executions by Islamic State in Iraq. 

Both the Mirror and MailOnline shared pictures [WARNING: disturbing and graphic content] in July 2015 that reportedly show the execution of men accused of homosexuality in Fallujah, Iraq. These photos, which were released by Islamic State, show the same building as the footage shared on social media.  

The executions and photos were also reported elsewhere in 2015, including by Arabic-language media

Full Fact has seen many examples of online misinformation relating to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, including another video of an Iraqi MP describing the actions of Islamic State that was wrongly claimed to be about Hamas

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Image courtesy of LCPL JOEL A. CHAVERRI, USMC

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