Argos is not offering microwaves for £1.78

15 December 2021
What was claimed

Argos is offering a chance to “win” Samsung microwaves for £1.78.

Our verdict

Argos have told Full Fact that this is not a genuine page or post.

A Facebook post from an account which uses the Argos logo and is called “Goods for the kitchen” claims “the famous brand has broken its contract with Argos and is giving every UK resident a microwave oven for £1.78” along with a picture of a Samsung microwave. 

The post invites people to answer three questions for a chance to win. The wording of the post is a little ambiguous, but as it is accompanied by an image of a microwave with an Argos price label saying it has been reduced from £142.59 to £1.78, it seems to be suggesting it is the retailer who is behind the deal.

In the comments, there are a number of Facebook users who claim to have received a microwave as a result of the offer and thanking Argos. 

Full Fact contacted Argos who said: “This isn’t a genuine deal or Argos page and we remind customers to be mindful of any phishing scams”.

We have previously written about a similar scam on Facebook which claimed to be from the retailer Curry’s, offering Dyson hair dryers for £1.78. 

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