Argos is not selling Emma mattresses for £3

28 July 2023
What was claimed

Argos has partnered with Emma mattresses to sell 500 for just £3 each.

Our verdict

This is not a genuine deal being offered by Argos.

A post on Facebook claims that Argos has partnered with Emma mattresses to offer them to customers for £3 each.

The post says: “Argos is now partnering with Emma - to celebrate, we're giving away the first batch of 500 mattresses in all sizes for the great price of £3”.

But an Argos spokesperson told Full Fact “This is not a genuine Argos offer.”

The image in the post is an edited version of a picture that appeared on Facebook in 2021, apparently taken in a Costco in the US. The label has been edited to make it look like an Emma mattress and the Argos price signs have been added.

The post tells users to click the “Apply Now” button to reserve their item while stocks last. 

Following the link takes users to a website that has the Argos logo and looks similar to the retailer’s real website, but the URL is not the official one. The website asks three survey questions then asks users to fill in a form with their personal details.

The Facebook page has only ten likes and lists its address as 216-217 Tottenham Court Road in London, where there is an Argos shop.

The real Argos Facebook page has 1.5 million followers and is verified.

Posts like this offering fake deals are common on social media. Full Fact has written recently about other similar fake offers promoting cheap PlayStations, air fryers and electric scooters from Argos. 

It is always worth checking posts sharing offers that seem too good to be true. One way to verify this is to see whether the offer has been shared by the company’s official page—this will often have more followers, a verified blue tick on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and a longer post history.

They often contain images taken from elsewhere, like this one does. You can read our guide to spotting misleading images here.

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